Our Story

We are a small team of passionate people set on a mission to make sustainable living convenient for everyone. 

We started our journey in NYC. First, we learned about the damage plastic is doing to the planet, then switched to buying organic, and then tried (we're still trying!) to minimize the amount of waste in the world. 

Early on, we noticed that living a zero-waste lifestyle is not convenient and that buying organic is expensive. Even worse, most of the "organic" or "sustainable" products out there come in plastic packaging, which defies the true purpose of being "environmentally friendly". 


Realizing that there are not enough products in the market that are truly sustainable led us to want to offer ekosfere products that are plant-based, without harsh chemicals, and with fully recyclable or compostable packaging!

We are continuously looking for ways to improve our lifestyles and share them with our customers. Contact us at ekosfere@gmail.com to get in touch!


- ekosfere Team