Our Story

Meet Irisa & Ana


Irisa (left) & Ana (right)

We are two sisters living in New York City, set on a journey to make sustainable living a convenient choice for everyone.

We moved to New York City a few years ago and were amazed at how convenient living a fast life in NYC was... until we started wondering where all the plastic waste went. 

While in college, we did our research and understood that NYC does not have a perfect system to reduce plastic waste. We started relying on our neighborhood bulk store to enable the minimal waste lifestyle we wanted.Fast-forward to 2020 we moved to boroughs outside of Manhattan due to COVID-19. Early on, we noticed that living a zero-waste lifestyle was not as convenient anymore. There are no bulk stores in the Bronx and very few composting sites.

While some neighborhoods in New York City have an abundance of eco-friendly stores and compost sites, not everyone can easily access them. Understanding this issue led us to want to divert more food scraps from landfills to compost and offering package-less cleaning products that are good for you, animals, and the planet. And this is how ekosfere was born!


We are continuously looking for ways to improve our lifestyles and share it with our customers. Reach out at ekosfere@gmail.com!  

- Irisa & Ana

Meet The Team



Hi there! I am an urban hydroponic farmer and love learning about biomaterials. My background is in design and engineering. 



Hello! I am an advocate of equal education opportunities and love hiking. My background is in finance and entrepreneurship.



Hey there! I am passionate about using technologies to enrich our experiences and making the world a more efficient place. My background is in strategy consulting and product management.