Waste-free Grocery Shopping

Little changes you can apply to your daily life to avoid making waste

We've all been there... You remembered to bring your paper or cloth bag to the grocery store. You even had a container or two to purchase food in bulk. Yet, you suddenly realize that the lettuce, tomatoes, or spinach you plan to buy are too delicate to be thrown inside the bag with everything else. You’re left with no other choice:you have to use one of those translucent plastic produce bags that are given out so freely at the grocery store.

What can you do to avoid making plastic waste that seems necessary in some cases? Have compostable bags with you!

I have found that having a few extra compostable bags on me when grocery shopping always comes in handy. They are so light-weight and soft that you will not even notice you have them with you—yet, when you want to separate the items you're buying from clanging around in your bag or even staining it (beets vs. bag...battlestar galactica!) they can come to the rescue. These bags also come in handy at farmers markets, where produce is often sold in plastic bags. Having compostable bags with you enables you to transfer the produce out of the single-use plastic bag and give it back to the farmer so they can use it on another purchase. From my experience, these bags can last for multiple uses. If they become too dirty, you can always use them as bags to collect your compost in or as a regular trash bag.

You can find compostable bags sold at a variety of stores, including Amazon, Target, and Home Depot.

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