Where to buy affordable organic groceries in NYC

Grocery shopping in most of NYC is a convenient process with produce markets being in a lot of locations. Yet, if you are looking for locally grown and organic produce, it can be a challenge to shop at big supermarket brands due to their expensive prices and also the huge amounts of plastic they wrap the produce in. Shopping in farmers markets can solve this issue but it does not come cheap and it might not be affordable for a lot of New Yorkers. GrowNYC Market has come up with a great fix to this problem.

They are selling products that farmers have leftover at big discounted prices. You can get a bag of groceries for as little as $14. Just go to their website and visit one of the tents located throughout the city to sign up for the program. Most of the time they also have extra produce available that you can buy at very affordable prices. EBT eligible residents can also use their EBT cards to purchase at these tents and farmers markets, and based on the promotion they’re eligible for coupons, for every dollar they spend they can get 2$ worth of goods.

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