All Natural Eye Mask

All Natural Eye Mask


The eye mask is relaxing, practical and all natural, with respect for nature and human kind.


The eye mask is made from handwoven organic cotton that is colored with Ayurvedic spices. The pouch inside of the mask is filled with Tulsi seeds and can be taken out so the outside mask can be washed easily.

The eye mask comes with a pouch to safeguard your eye mask whilst traveling, as well as an essential oil bottle. The pouch is handwoven. The essential oil is a blend to help relax and enhance sleep.



    The eye mask exists out of 2 parts: 1 mask and 1 pouch filled with Tulsi-seeds. The pouch with Tulsi-seeds cannot be washed. The outside mask can be washed. We advise the use of an all-natural washing powder.