Organic Bar Soaps

Organic Bar Soaps


Shea Butter Bar


The Shea Butter Bar is our most popular dry skin soap. If you suffer from dry skin conditions, switching to the Shea Butter Bar can be life changing.  This bar contains an organic herbal healing oil (calendula and St. John’s Wort) that adds an herbal freshness to the bar along with additional inflammation-reducing properties. The Shea Butter Bar is ideal for shaving sensitive skin.

Looking for a shampoo bar?  Shea Butter Bar is an ideal shampoo bar for people who have thin, uncolored hair.  Dry, flaky scalp?  Shea Butter Bar.


Matcha & Peppermint Bar


Fresh as a candy cane, Green Tea & Peppermint is a Matcha Green Tea soap bar with a bright peppermint oil blend containing buried notes of complexity. Matcha Green Tea is renowned for its anti-oxidant properties which create a wholesome green color to the bar. Treat your skin to a bar filled with goodness. Suitable for normal, oily and combination skin types.


Lavender Ecstasy Bar


Forget the medicine-y, overpowering and often synthetic blends of the past. It reverberates in the heart and is both calming and cheering. Made with organic lavender blossoms.


Northern Woods Bar

Take a walk through the Great North Woods with this blend of pine needle and clove essential oils and deodorizing bamboo charcoal.


Aloe Baby Bar

Special light lavender scent, and added aloe vera. Formulated extra mild for children’s skin and hair. Great for Dry-Sensitive Skin.


Cranberry Orange

Cranberry Orange is a visually beautiful handmade bar soap made with a poignant blend of essential oils that will have you imagining that you are laying in an orange grove while rolling around on fresh lemon verbena leaves. Longtime customers will be reminded of the older Citrus Sunrise and Sweet Orange bar soaps. Dried cranberry seeds soaked in essential oils add a gently exfoliating touch to this high class and high quality bar soap suitable for people looking for a mildly astringent, gently exfoliating facial quality bar soap.